Veldskoen x Franklees

Veldskoen x Franklees
Connecting South Africa to the World: Veldskoen and Franklees Embrace Diversity
Hey there Fam! The Franklees Brand and Legendary Veldskoen have a little something-something to say…
Let's start with a good ol’ backstory, shall we? It’s the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics, the opening ceremony is showing, and feeling kind of underwhelmed by the SA kit, Nick Dreyer and Ross Zondagh have the ‘light bulb moment’. Not ones to settle for ordinary, they envisioned something extraordinary – and so, Veldskoen's iconic colourful soles and laces were born.
Meanwhile, a similar story of innovation was unfolding that very same year! Two buddies from Cape Town weren't too chuffed with the boring, same-y men's underwear scene. So, they crafted Franklees, a brand that's all about infusing fun, comfort, and expression into your everyday essentials. And yes, they didn't stop at just the guys – they spread the joy to women's underwear too!
Apart from their South African roots, these two brands connect in their celebration of individuality. Veldskoen’s vibrant twists on a classic symbolise the diverse paths we all tread, and Franklees’ playful patterns shout out that life's too short to wear boring underwear.
The Veldskoen Brand has gone global while still embracing the individuality that makes each step a story. Thus far, Franklees has hit the UK, Germany, Sweden and shows no signs of stopping there!
So, whether you're strolling down the street or conquering mountains, this matchup is one great way of saying, "Life's an adventure, and it's way more fun with You, Franklees, and Veldskoen in it!”