Franklees’ Ultimate Compatibility Guide – Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Franklees’ Ultimate Compatibility Guide – Based On Your Zodiac Sign

There are some combos you probably never thought would occur like Franklees underwear and zodiac signs, for example. But we’re not only well-versed in matching Franklees underwear. 😉 We know a thing or two about the perfect fit – for love or friendship – because the same rules apply: You have to find two things (be it prints or personalities) which complement one another and work in harmony together.

Guided by the stars, we’ve rounded up six of the most compatible matches based on the Zodiac just in time for Valentine’s month. We’ve also included our best date ideas to help you steal win bae’s heart.

Shout out to our superstar print ‘It’s Astrological’ which inspired this planetary deepdive!

#PerfectMatch: Aries and Libra
When opposites attract
Whether a friend or flame, ever-impulsive Aries can benefit from someone who helps ‘balance’ them out. That’s why a Libra is the perfect match for this fiery sign. Symbolised by the scales, Libra is all about bringing harmony and can help calm Aries while Aries can help often indecisive Libra to be more daring in both love and friendship.

Date idea: Low key – hit the arcade for some flirty competition. High key – a sunset yacht cruise.

♈️ Aries:

  • Fire sign
  • Bold, courageous and energetic
  • Enjoys being the leader of the pack

♎️ Libra:

  • Air sign
  • Charming, sociable and diplomatic
  • Enjoys beauty and luxury
#PerfectMatch: Taurus and Cancer
The #ComfortCore duo
Super-grounded Taurus and senti Cancer actually have a lot in common. Both are homebodies who love practicing self-care and looking after their ride or dies. Good friends, good food and pleasant surroundings are their idea of fun; and the bond between these two is usually super solid!

Date idea: Low key – a stroll along the beach. High key – a romantic candle-lit dinner

♉️ Taurus

  • Earth sign
  • Determined, sensual and loyal
  • Enjoys beauty and pleasure

♋️ Cancer

  • Water sign
  • Compassionate, sensitive and sentimental
  • Enjoys nurturing those close to them
#PerfectMatch: Gemini and Sagittarius
Fun lovin’
They say opposites attract and in the case of Gemini and Sagittarius, it’s defs true. Independent, sociable, fun-loving and happy to go with the flow, both Gemini and Sag are willing to embrace change. So whether baes or besties, this duo is bound to be fast-paced promising many late-night convos, spontaneous road trips and adventures to exciting places.

Date idea: Low key – hit an outdoor music festival. High key – day-trip someplace fun and interesting.

♊️ Gemini:

  • Air sign
  • Witty, inquisitive and excitable
  • Enjoys learning about everyone and everything

♐️ Sagittarius:

  • Fire sign
  • Free spirited, adventurous and optimistic
  • Enjoys exploring and discovering new places, ideas and people
#PerfectMatch: Scorpio and Pisces
Written in the stars
Lovers of mystery and the offbeat, Scorpio and Pisces make an unstoppable pair. Both are water signs and when the two interact, you can expect a friendship or partnership based on deep connection and mutual understanding. Together they’ll support each other through thick and thin and encourage one another to chase their dreams.

Date idea: Low key – a night on the town. High key – picnic under the stars.

♏️ Scorpio:

  • Water sign
  • Mysterious, enchanting and passionate
  • Enjoys interesting and eye-opening experiences that expand their worldview

♓️ Pisces:

  • Water sign
  • Intuitive, artistic and imaginative
  • Enjoys romance and all things creative, such as art and music
#PerfectMatch: Capricorn and Virgo
No fuss, just vibes
Practical and realistic, the earthy combo of Capricorn and Virgo is a harmonious one as both signs tend to think and act similarly. Capricorn is often drawn to people who are as ambitious as they are while Virgo is known for their high standards. Together they’ll move at a slow-and-steady pace but when it comes to love and friendship, expect a rock-solid bond built on trust and loyalty.

Date idea: Low key – explore a museum together. High key – go wine tasting.

♑️ Capricorn:

  • Earth sign
  • Down-to-earth, ambitious and disciplined
  • Enjoys working hard and playing hard

♍️ Virgo:

  • Earth sign
  • Practical, analytical and hardworking
  • Enjoys problem-solving and helping those around them
#PerfectMatch: Aquarius and Leo
One brings the heat, one brings the chill
Aquarius and Leo may be opposing signs but they ‘get’ each other perfectly. While Leo is more concerned with the self, Aquarius is more concerned with the group and together they balance each other out. You can trust that warm and friendly Leo will help sometimes aloof Aquarius to unlock their individuality, making these two ideal companions.

Date idea: Low key – an escape room. High key – dinner, drinks and karaoke

♒️ Aquarius:

  • Air sign
  • Eccentric, independent and inventive
  • Enjoys exploring new concepts and standing out from the crowd

♌️ Leo:

  • Fire sign
  • Charismatic, confident and dramatic
  • Enjoys being in the spotlight and living life to the fullest


Every sign & any sign (when the vibe is right!)
Leave room for surprises
As with most things, there are always exceptions. If we were to get technical, we’d tell you that a person’s astrological chart is super nuanced and complex! So, don’t be surprised if you #cantrelate to the above. As long as there’s love and honesty in your friendship or relationship, chances are it will succeed. If it’s right, it’s right and we’re so here for it.

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